Behind the name “Nanoxia”:

stands a team of experienced German developers who are enthusiastically turning their innovative ideas into reality. High quality and especially sophisticated components at competitive prices are the primary goal of our work.

We place a particular importance on ergonomic, low-noise components, which make working with the PC more enjoyable. Our focus is to offer PC cases that provide customers with unique technical features.

Already our first PC case, the Deep Silence 1, which was launched in autumn 2012, was recognized by international reviewers worldwide with numerous awards. The innovative design and the exceptional quality let professionals and enthusiasts alike take notice. Likewise, the Deep Silence 2, which was released soon after, has received numerous awards from around the world.

A complete series of silent case fans, as well as a broad range of high quality cables has since been added to the portfolio.

In the fall of 2013, we celebrated the global launch of three more models of the Deep Silence case series. With the Deep Silence 6 as new flagship of the series, the Deep Silence 5 Big-Tower, the Deep Silence 4 Mini-Tower we now offer a wide range of classic cases, which are tailored to the needs of our demanding clientele.

In 2014, we completed the Deep Silence case series with the Deep Silence 3 Midi Tower. Like our other cases, the Deep Silence 3 was able to quickly reap a sizable collection of awards.

"CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia" - under this label we started to release a variety of water cooling components. High-quality fittings, extremely stable PETG Hard Tubes, as well as powerful Cooling Fluids are only the first step. Additional products will be presented shortly.

With the CoolForce 2, we introduced the first model of our new case series at the beginning of 2016. More models will be introduced during Computex. But we are not just working on the developement of new PC cases. The year 2016 will be "back to the roots" - from the beginning, Nanoxia stood for excellent case fans. And we plan to underscore this sentiment again...

Stay tuned!