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    USB 3.0 Adaptor Cable (internal to external)

    This cable adapter converts the internal 19-pin USB 3.0 port of a case to two USB 3.0 type A ports, so when there is no appropriate connector on the mainboard, the signal of the front USB 3.0 ports can be looped to the external USB 3.0 ports of the motherboard or a USB 3.0 expansion card.


    In many cases the front USB 3.0 ports are connected to an internal 19-pin connector. Using this adapter cable you can use the front panel connectors, even if your board does not have a corresponding 19-pin connector.

    Model:USB 3.0 Adaptor, 19-pin (int) to 2 x Typ-A (ext), 25 cm
    type:USB 3.0 adaptor-cable
    length: 250 mm
    connector #1: 1 x 19 pin (int)
    connector #1: 2 x USB 3.0 (ext)
    EAN: 4043718192052
    Order Number: 900100293