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    SATA-cable 6Gb/s 4-way

    The SATA 6Gb/s cable originates from the high quality Nanoxia sleeved cable series and is suitable for connecting up to four hard disks or optical drives, as well as other SATA devices to the motherboard. The shortest strand is 73 cm long, the next connection are at 77 cm and 81 cm, the maximum length is 85 cm. The distance between the individual connections is four centimeters. The cable is covered with an opaque sleeve.

    Model:4-way SATA-cable 6Gb/s, 85 cm
    length: 850 mm
    connector #1: 4 x SATA straight
    connector #2: 4 x SATA angled
    EAN black: 4260285290336
    Manufacturer Number (black): NXS6GSC
    Order Number (black): 900100033
    EAN red: 4260285293337
    Manufacturer Number (red): NXS6GRE
    Order Number (red): 900300033
    EAN blue: 4260285292330
    Manufacturer Number (blue): NXS6GBL
    Order Number (blue): 900200033
    EAN white: 4260285294334
    Manufacturer Number (white): NXS6GWH
    Order Number (white): 900400033
    EAN green: 4260285295331
    Manufacturer Number (green): NXS6GGR
    Order Number (green): 900500033
    EAN carbon: 4260285297335
    Manufacturer Number (carbon): NXS6GCA
    Order Number (carbon): 900600033
    EAN neon-green: 4260285298332
    Manufacturer Number (neon-green): NXS6GSCNG
    Order Number (neon-green): 900800033
    EAN black/red: 4260285299674
    Manufacturer Number (black/red): NXS6GSR
    Order Number (black/red): 900900633