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    SATA combo-cable - angled

    This SATA combo cable belongs to our high quality sleeved cable series. It has been designed to mount 3.5 inch hard drives on the ModuWand of our CoolForce 2 cases, without facing compatibility issues. The angled combo connector is ideally suited, when there is only limited space between the hard disk and the side panel of a case and the bulky connectors of the PSU make it hard to close the side panel. The cable has a length of 45 cm and ends in a straight SATA connector for the motherboard and a male SATA-power connector for the PSU.

    Model: SATA combo-cable 6Gb/s, 45 cm, angled
    length: 450 mm
    connector #1: 1 x combo-connector SATA power and SATA data, straight
    connector #1: 1 x SATA data - angled, 1 x SATA power, male
    EAN black: 4260285290350
    Manufacturer Number: NXSKKAG
    Order Number: 900100035