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    SATA combo-cable - straight connector

    This SATA combo cable belongs to our high quality sleeved cable series. It’s perfectly suited for connecting SSD drives, which are installed either behind the motherboard tray or the bottom of the case. The combo connector allows the installation of the drive even in places that are hard to reach with the typical, either very thick or angled, SATA PSU connectors. The cable has a length of 45 cm and ends in a straight SATA connector for the motherboard and a male SATA-power connector for the PSU.

    Model: SATA combo-cable 6Gb/s, 45 cm, straight
    length: 450 mm
    connector #1: 1 x combo-connector SATA power and SATA data, straight
    connector #1: 1 x SATA data - straight, 1 x SATA power, male
    EAN black: 4260285290343
    Manufacturer Number: NXSKKGE
    Order Number: 900100034