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    3-Pin Molex auf 9 x 3-Pin Adaptor

    The 3-pin Molex to 9 x 3-pin adapter originates from the high quality Nanoxia sleeved cable series and makes it possible to run 9 fans at a single connection, e.g. a fan controller. Ideally the cable will be used when a radiator is installed. The cable is 60 centimeters long and is covered with an opaque black sleeve.

    Model: 3-Pin Molex auf 9 x 3-Pin Adaptor, 600 mm
    type: 3-Pin Molex auf 9 x 3-Pin Adaptor
    length: 600 mm
    connector #1: 1 x 3-Pin Molex (female)
    connector #1: 9 x 3-Pin Molex (male)
    EAN black: 4260285290077
    Manufacturer Number: NX39A60
    Order Number: 900100007