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    Frontpanel - Extension, Single Sleeve

    The front panel extension originates from the high quality from Nanoxia sleeved cable series. The cables are 30 centimeters long and the individual strands of the cable are coated with opaque single sleeves.

    Model: Frontpanel - Extension, Single Sleeve
    type: Frontpanel - Extension
    length: 300 mm
    EAN black: 4260285290282
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3E
    Order Number: 900100028
    EAN blue: 4260285292286
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3E
    Order Number: 900200028
    EAN red: 4260285293283
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3ER
    Order Number: 900300028
    EAN white: 4260285294280
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EW
    Order Number: 900400028
    EAN green: 4260285295287
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EG
    Order Number: 900500028
    EAN carbon: 4260285297281
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EC
    Order Number: 900600028
    EAN blue/red: 4260285291289
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EBR
    Order Number: 900900128
    EAN black/yellow: 4260285299285
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3ESG
    Order Number: 900900228
    EAN green/white: 4260285292880
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EGW
    Order Number: 900900328
    EAN blue/white: 4260285294754
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EBW
    Order Number: 900900428
    EAN green/white/black:4260285294754
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3EGWS
    Order Number: 900900528
    EAN black/red: 4260285299636
    Manufacturer Number: NXFPV3ESR
    Order Number: 900900628