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    4-Pin p4 Extension, Single Sleeve

    The 4-pin P4 extension cable originates from the high quality Nanoxia sleeved cable series. The cable is 30 centimeters long and the individual strands are coated with opaque single sleeves.

    Model: 4-pin molex Y-cable, Single Sleeve
    type: 4-pin molex Y-cable
    connector #1: 1 x 4-pin P4 (male)
    connector #1: 1 x 4-pin P4 (female)
    EAN black: 4260285290190
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3E
    Order Number: 900100019
    EAN blue: 4260285292194
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EB
    Order Number: 900200019
    EAN red: 4260285293191
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3ER
    Order Number: 900300019
    EAN white: 4260285294198
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EW
    Order Number: 900400019
    EAN green: 4260285295195
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EG
    Order Number: 900500019
    EAN carbon: 4260285297199
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EC
    Order Number: 900600019
    EAN blue/red: 4260285291197
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EBR
    Order Number: 900900119
    EAN black/yellow: 4260285299193
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3ESG
    Order Number: 900900219
    EAN green/white: 4260285299995
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EGW
    Order Number: 900900319
    EAN blue/white: 4260285294679
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EBW
    Order Number: 900900419
    EAN green/white/black: 4260285291951
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3EGWB
    Order Number: 900900519
    EAN green/white/black: 4260285299544
    Manufacturer Number: NXP4V3ESR
    Order Number: 900900619