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  • Nanoxia_startseite_3_bay_cage

    3-bay HDD cage for Deep Silence and CoolForce cases - black

    A key feature of the Deep Silence case series are the modular HDD cages. These modular HDD cages are now seperately available for purchase.

    The 3-bay drive cage holds three mounting carriages. These can be used for decoupled mounting of up to three 2.5 or 3.5 inch HDD / SSD. The 3.5 inch hard disk drives are mounted using rubber suspension.

    The hard drive cage itself is simply pushed onto the appropriate holder at the bottom of the case until the cage locks into place - a simple and easy solution. To release the lock of the HDD cage, the rear spring clip has to be raised slightly, the cage can be pulled out easily.

    Thanks to the optional HDD cages, the hard disk capacity of the Deep Silence 1 (Rev. B), Deep Silence 3, Deep Silence 5 (Rev. B), the Deep Silence 6 Rev. B, as well as the CoolForce 1 and CoolForce 2 (Rev. B), can be expanded significantly.

    Model: Deep Silence 3-bay HDD cage
    EAN: 4260285296116
    Order Number: 600200110
    3.5 inch bays: 3 x
    Height (Approx.): 115 mm
    Width (Approx.): 1207 mm
    Depth (Approx.): 186 mm
    Weight (Approx.): 564 g