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    CoolForce 2 Tempered Glass Side Panel

    As an optional accessory for the Nanoxia CoolForce 2, we now offer a noble window side panel made of "tempered glass".

    The Nanoxia CoolForce cases were designed for hardware enthusiasts and fans of water cooling. We have consciously decided us instead of a conventional window side part with acrylic glass inlay, to put on a full-area window.

    This allows the user the best possible insight into his system. The high-quality hardened glass is, of course, scratch and break resistant.

    The exchange of the standard side panel is particularly simple. Four screws and four moss gums are included. The moss gums are attached to the case frame and after that, the side panel can be placed and fixed with the four screws.

    Model: CoolForce 2 Tempered Glass Side Panel
    EAN: 4260285293603
    Manufacturer Number: CF2TGW
    Order Number: 600200360
    Dimensions: 445 x 480 mm