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    CoolForce 1

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    With the CoolForce 1, we present the second model of our new CoolForce case series.

    The models of the CoolForce series are aimed at fans of water-cooled systems and offer various possibilities for the installation of radiators and other water cooling components. The case offers a very elegant front design that on the one hand is very elegant and simple, but on the other hand is also – thanks to pre-installed LEDs – a real eye-catcher.

    Main features

    The CoolForce 1 relies on a largely free space for maximum variability when installing high-end hardware or water cooling systems. Particularly noteworthy are the enormously practical, fully decoupled HDD "sleds". These can be removed individually, to have the possibility to install a radiator behind the front or a very long graphic card.

    The front of the case is the same simple design like the CoolForce 2, visually striking are the LED bars which shine through the louvers, as well as the green illuminated Nanoxia logo. Two bays for installing optical drives are available. The optical drives offer of course tool-free mounting; the ODD cage is modular and can be easily removed if required.

    The I/O-panel has been separated from the rest of the front, which allows to easily remove the front panel. If you look straight at the front, you can see at the left side the USB ports (1 x USB 3.1, 2 x USB 3.0), and the LED on/off button – allowing you to comfortably turn off the Rigid LED strips. Located in the right side are the HD-Audio connectors and the three-step fan control (5V, 7V, 12V). Power- and Reset-Button are located in the middle.

    Also in the top cover, there is our practical Nanoxia “Air Cover”. This cover can be conveniently removed when users want to install fans or radiators. This preserves the simple look of the case, without sacrificing useful features and ventilation.

    Almost noiseless

    The side panels are equipped with the noise-reducing insulation materials. These are designed to minimize any noises from inside the case.

    In the case of the Easy-Mount HDD-Sleds, we rely on a rubberized decoupling to prevent that vibrations will be transfered to the case itself.

    By using materials of the highest quality we ensure that the case is extremely stable.

    Another important part of the noiseless concept are the pre-installed CoolForce fans. The quiet-running models are designed for the best possible compromise between cooling performance and low noise levels.

    Intelligent ventilation system

    Two 140 mm rotate behind the front panel, a 120 mm fan can be found on the rear side. If the AirCover is removed, up tp three additional 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed under the top. One 120 mm can also be mounted at the bottom of the case.

    If the AirCover is removed, up to three additional 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed under the top. If you remove the rail for the HDD-Cage on the bottom of the case, a further 120 or 140 mm fan can be installed. Through this, a maximum of sevven fans can be installed in the CoolForce 1.

    The pre-installed 3-stage fan controller allows to control up to three case fans, which allows an individual compromise between low system temperatures and the lowest possible noise level can be achieved, even with a full fan assembly.

    Watercooling ready

    For water cooling enthusiasts, the CoolForce 1 supports also complex water cooling systems. Behind the front panel, there is enough space for 280 mm radiators or compact water cooling solutions. Under the top cover, users can install 120, 240 or360 mm radiators without any problems.

    For the installation of radiators behind the front, there is sufficient space for slim radiators with fans, when the HDD-Sleds are used. By simply removing the sleds, ultra-thick radiators in push/pull configuration can be used.

    The top cover has special, laterally offset mounting points that allow maximum compatibility, especially when using particularly thick radiators. At the top of the case, 65 mm space are available between the upper edge of the motherboard and the case top.

    Additonal Features

    As usual, we offer customers maximum freedom when installing hard drives:

    For fans of SSDs no less than five dedicated mounting spaces are available in the case - one can be found on the bottem of the case; one is located in the back of the motherboard tray. The three Easy-Mount HDD-Sleds also offers the possibility to mount two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives.

    Mounting rails on the bottom of the case can be used to significantly expand the disk capacity of the case with the separately available HDD cages. Included are special SATA combination cables to allow the trouble-free installation of the hard drives on the 2.5 inch holders. These are also available separately.

    In the CoolForce 1 you have the possibility to install graphic cards with a length of up to 285 mm. By removing the Easy-Mount HDD-Sleds, cards with 425 mm installation length can be fit inside the case.
    Four rubber hose guides for external water cooling solutions can be found in the rear panel.

    In addition to high-end graphic cards, users can install CPU coolers of up to 165 mm in height. Seven PCI expansion slots are located in the rear – the installation of a multi-GPU system is therefore possible at any time.

    Depicted hardware is not included.

    Model: CoolForce 1
    EAN: 4260285290510
    Manufacturer Number: NXCF1
    Order Number: 600065100
    Case Type: Midi Tower
    Form Factor: ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
    5.25 inch drive bay external: 2 x
    2.5 inch drive bay internal: max.5 x
    3.5 inch drive bay internal: max. 3 x
    Case Fan (Front): 2 x 140 mm
    Case Fan (Rear): 1 x 120 mm
    Case Fan (Top): optional 3 x 120/140 mm
    Case Fan (Bottom): optional 1 x 120/140 mm
    Height (Approx.): 495 mm
    Width (Approx.): 207 mm
    Depth (Approx.): 525 mm
    Material: Steel, plastic
    Weight (Approx.): 9.4 kg
    Maximum installation height of CPU coolers: 165 mm
    Maximum VGA Card Length: 285 (425) mm
    Dust filters: Front and bottom
    Expansion slots: 7x
    Noise insulation: Bitumen