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    Deep Silence 2 Anthracite


    With the Deep Silence 2 we present the second model of the next generation of silent PC cases.

    Now that our Deep Silence 1 case has impressed testers all over the world and was presented with lots of awards, the Deep Silence 2 enters the stage.

    Just like with our Deep Silence 1 we put the highest value on a stylish design, coupled with coherent and meaningful features.

    Prominent features of our Deep Silence case series:

    • Classic design - Made in Germany
    • Particularly quiet thanks to its integrated sound dampening system and focused design
    • Highly efficient, stealthy ventilation system
    • Maximum functionality and adaptability

    The upper part of the front offers a foam-isolated door. Three 5.25 inch bays can be found behind the door, as well as the 2-channel fan control for up to six fans and the reset button. The door is equipped with a magnet to ensure a fast closing and easy opening.

    On the front of the top cover you can find the I/O-panel. It offers 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, as well as Mic and Audio connectors. This ensures that appropriate devices can be connected quickly and easily.

    You can mount E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards in the Deep Silence 2 case.  You will be hard-pushed to find another Midi Tower that offers so much space.  The above-average depth of 588 mm offers fabulous space for the most demanding projects.

    Graphics cards with a length of up to 345 mm can be mounted in the Deep Silence 2 with no additional effort. If that is not enough, you can remove the special designed Mounting Frame for another 25 mm space – a total of 370 mm. On the back side are as many as seven PCI expansion slots - the installation of a multi-GPU system is thus possible without difficulty.

    165 mm space is available for the installation of up-to-date CPU coolers.

    Almost noiseless:

    The guiding principle in the development of the Nanoxia case series has always been the requirement to create cases as quiet as possible at the lowest system temperatures. Just like with the Deep Silence 1, the side panels and top cover of the Deep Silence 2 are fitted with specially designed, noise reducing insulation materials to minimize and absorb any noises. The solid front door uses sound absorbing materials contribute significantly to the most effective noise reduction.

    Side panels and top cover of the Deep Silence 2 are fitted with specially designed, noise reducing insulation materials. The left side panel has been lined with a special combination of bitumen and foam, for a very efficient reduction of airborne noise emissions. The whole concept is designed to minimize and absorb any resulting noises. The solid front door contributes significantly to the most effective noise reduction.

    The hard disk drives of the Deep Silence 2 are mounted using rubber suspension, in order to absorb vibrations that might arise during startup and to minimize annoying background noises. The power supply rests on rubber mounts, with a suspension frame available on the back. The case stands on rubber suspended feet – vibrations are completely compensated.

    The Deep Silence 2 is manufactured from 0.7mm thick steel. By using the highest quality materials, optimal noise insulation is ensured while providing a very stable case.

    Also responsible for the quietness of the case are the three pre-installed Nanoxia fans of the Deep Silence fan series. The silent fans are optimized for the best possible mix of silence and cooling capacity. The Deep Silence 2 case is fitted with a 2-channel fan control for up to 6 fans in order to adjust the air flow to the individual needs of the user.

    The Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 is equipped with two Nanoxia VentCovers. They close the 120/140 mm fan openings in the top cover panel. Thus, the user can at any time choose between improved cooling of the system by incorporating further case fans or improved sound insulation, by  leaving the VentCover in place. The developers’ objective was to offer the user a broad variety of options.

    Intelligent ventilation system

    As many as three high-quality Nanoxia Deep Silence fans are preinstalled in the case. Behind the front cover, two 120 mm fans rotate at a maximum of 1,300 RPM. At 14.2 dB(a), the Nanoxia Deep Silence 120 mm fans generate an air flow of about 60.1 CFM and a static air pressure of 1.27 mm H²O.

    The integrated fan control can manage up to six fans, allowing an individual to optimize settings to balance low system temperatures and the lowest possible noise levels, even at a full fan assembly.

    A unique feature of the Deep Silence 2 is the special designed Mounting Bracket. It is fitted to the hard disk cage and can be easily dismounted. With the bracket, the ventilation of the hard drives and the entire system can be increased significantly, if desired. It is suited for up to two 120 mm fans. The vast interior space of the Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 ensures that no space problems can occur here. The Mounting Bracket is perfectly suited to mount a 120 mm or 240 mm radiator and equip it with up to four fans.

    You can install two 120/140 mm fans under the top cover of the case, to further optimize the dissipation of waste heat. A 120 or 140 mm fan can be mounted at the bottom of the case. Front and bottom of the case are equipped with easy to clean dust filters.

    Versatile Features

    The Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 offers a variety of very convenient product features:

    The installation of the front fans behind the front cover is very easy: The dust filter offers mounting holes for either 2 x 120 mm fans or a single 140 mm fan. The preinstalled 120 mm Deep Silence fans are attached to the dust filter, which in turn is bolted to the front with 4 screws.

    As can be expected, the optical drives can be mounted without requiring tools. A total of three external 5.25"drive bays are available. A 5.25 inch to 3.5 inch adaptor is included to permit for example the installation of a card reader.

    You can accommodate up to seven 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard disk drives in the Deep Silence 2. The hard drives are installed in special mounting carriages, which are designed to accommodate both 2.5" HDD / SSD as well as 3.5" HDD. Screws with rubber suspension are used to hold the drives in place.

    A second pair of mounting holes is available to mount the hard disks in the carriages with the connectors pointing to the front, which can be useful, if frequent changes of the hard drives are on the agenda.

    Water Cooling ready

    The mounting bracket allows the internal assembly of a water cooling system (120 or 240 mm radiator) and up to four fans between HDD cage and motherboard - without colliding with the motherboard or power supply. Radiators may thus be cooled without case modifications in a push-pull set-up.In conjunction with the two pre-installed 120 mm Deep Silence fans behind the front up to six fans provide for a superior cooling performance of the water cooling system. Four additional rubber hose guides for external water cooling solutions can be found on the rear side.

    Model: Deep Silence 2 Anthracite
    EAN: 4260285296253
    Manufacturer Number: NXDS2A
    Order Number: 600060250
    Case Type: Midi Tower
    Form Factor: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    5.25 inch drive bay external: 3 x
    3.5 inch drive bay external: 1 x (optional)
    2.5/3.5 inch drive bay internal: 7 x
    Case Fan (Front): 2 x 120 mm (1,300 rpm)
    Case Fan (Rear): 1 x 120 mm (1,300 rpm)
    Case Fan (Mounting Bracket): optional 2 x 120 mm
    Case Fan (Top): optional 2 x 120/140 mm
    Case Fan (Bottom): optional 1 x 120/140 mm
    Height (Approx.): 468 mm
    Width (Approx.): 207 mm
    Depth (Approx.): 588 mm
    Material: steel, plastic
    Weight (Approx.): 10.96 kg
    Maximum installation height of CPU coolers: 165 mm
    Maximum VGA Card Length: 345 (370) mm