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    Project S Mini - Black

    Discover our Rack-Time favorite - the Project S Mini.

    Extremely flat - and with plenty of space for all your desires. Designed to perfectly fit into the new Home-Central of the digital age: The living room. And while the Project S Mini is a case in its own right, you will find a lot of the features you know and love about the original Project S:

    The unique and very popular drawer design – which makes the installation of your hardware a real breeze. The classic aluminum front, which allows the case to blend in the design of your living room. The top cover made of scratch resistant tempered glass – allowing you to catch a glimpse at your hardware. And the I/O-panel with a True USB 3.1 Type C and two USB 3.0 connectors for ultra-fast data connectivity.

    Your TV set will be blown away! You won’t have just a PC in your hifi rack – but a true powerhouse! With high-end VGA cards (max. 270 mm), powerful HTPC-coolers (max. 65 mm in height), a one 3.5 inch drive for your movie collection (even for those 8 or 10 TB drives with the new 3 inch mounting) and two fully modular holders for SSDs – perfect for your operating system, apps and obviously games.
    How can you mount a powerful VGA-card in a case that’s just 118.5 mm in height, you ask? Easy enough – you just put them next to the motherboard instead of installing it directly on the board, as you might be used to. And to make sure your card is sitting tight, we even supply rubber stand-offs. Also included with every case is a top-of-the-line PCI-E 3.0 riser card cable. The high-quality cable does not need additional power supply. They are perfectly shielded and offer superior signal transmission – maximum quality for your system! And to make sure your VGA card does not overheat your system, there are air holes underneath the card at the bottom of the case – magnetic dust filter included, of course.

    Every PC needs a power supply and that holds true for the Project S Mini as well. Due to the compact design we opted for SFX-PSU. And as most SFX cables only come with very short cables, we include both an EPS and a 24-pin ATX extension cable with the case. To ensure a clean cable management, you will find appropriate openings in the motherboard tray at strategic locations.

    Obviously, your system will need a supply of fresh air. So you can mount up to three 60 mm fans at the right side of the case. You can find magnetic dust filters here as well – a true guardian against dust.
    So whether you want to surf the Internet, watch the latest blockbuster, or just want to play the latest game on your 50-inch TV, the Project S Mini is for you. And you know what - if you do not want the case to be in the rack, just put it besides it upright. Because this is another feature that we have taken over from the "big brother". Self-adhesive housing feet included.

    Treat yourself to our new home upgrade!

    Model: Project S Mini - Black
    EAN: 4260285296659
    Manufacturer Number: NXPSMIB
    Order Number: 600066525
    Case Type: HTPC
    Form Factor: Mini-ITX
    2.5 inch drive bay internal: 2
    3.5 inch drive bay internal: 1
    Case Fan (Right side): opt. 3 x 60 mm
    Height (Approx.): 118,5 mm
    Width (Approx.): 502 mm
    Depth (Approx.): 309 mm
    Material: Steel, aluminium, tempered glass
    Weight (Approx.): 6,5 kg
    Maximum installation height of CPU coolers: 65 mm
    Maximum VGA Card Length: 270 mm