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    Project S - Silver

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    With the Project S – inspired by the NanoXia Project, which we developed for the Computex 2015 - we present our first full-fledged HTPC case - with a special twist.

    The high-end HTPC case provides sufficient space for ATX motherboards and standard ATX power supplies. Two 3.5 inch HDDs and three 2.5 inch SSDs can be accommodated within the case. The 3.5 inch drives are installed in a special HDD holder, which can be removed to create space for radiators or additional fans.

    Equipped with many practical features, such as fully modular HDD brackets, magnetic dust filters, a top made of scratch-resistant, tempered glass, or the opportunity to install several radiators, there is also another unique feature of the Project S. It can be used in upright position as a midi tower. By using highest quality materials it also ensures maximum stability for the Project S.

    The absolute highlight of the Project S is certainly the sophisticated drawer design. The drawer can be easily pulled out for installation or maintenance of the system – even if the hardware is fully installed, and during operation. The top is made out of tempered glass, which still allows an unobstructed view on the installed hardware. Since the tempered glass is scratch-resistant, a monitor can be placed on the top, if desired.

    The I/O-Panel can be found in the right corner of the front panel, which includes 2 x 3.0 USB and 1 x 3.1 Type C USB, as well as the mandatory audio jacks. The power, reset and the LED on/off switch are located above of the USB-ports.  The noble and intentionally simple front design is highlighted again by an RGB LED strip, which decorates the lower part of the front. The RGB LED has a separate controller, to customize the color. It is also possible to disable the LED at any time.

    A 120 mm fan from the CoolForce fan series is preinstalled in the back. Eight case fans can be mounted in total: Behind the front, two 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed. In addition, there are mounting spaces for three 120 mm fans on the right side and two 120 mm fans on the left side*, in order to increase the cooling capacity. To prohibit dust from entering the interior, there are magnetic dust filters on both sides.

    The Project S can be efficiently equipped with radiators or compact water cooling solutions. Not only behind the front panel, but also on both sides. A 240 or 280 mm radiator or compact water cooling solution can be mounted behind the front. The right side panel takes in turn a 120 or 240 mm radiator, and the left side allows the installation of a 120 mm radiator*.

    Graphic cards with a length of up to 400 mm and space for CPU coolers with a maximum height of 170 mm can be accommodated in the Project S.

    *Please note: If you want to install fans or a radiator on the left side, the 3-5” HDD holder has to be removed.

    Depicted hardware is not included.

    Model: Project S - Silver
    EAN: 4260285294167
    Manufacturer Number: NXPSS
    Order Number: 600066500
    Case Type: HTPC
    Form Factor: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    2.5 inch drive bay internal: max. 5
    3.5 inch drive bay internal: 2
    Case Fan (Front): opt. 2 x 120/140 mm
    Case Fan (Rear): 1 x 120 mm
    Case Fan (Left side): 2 x 120 mm
    Case Fan (Right side): opt. 3 x 120 mm
    Height (Approx.): 250 mm
    Width (Approx.): 490 mm
    Depth (Approx.): 460 mm
    Material: Steel, aluminium, tempered glass
    Weight (Approx.): 11,68 kg
    Maximum installation height of CPU coolers: 170 mm
    Maximum VGA Card Length: 400 mm