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    CF Cableclip CC-4

    Under the label "CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia“ we present selected components for demanding water cooling and modding enthusiasts.

    We developed these cable clips in order to give users the opportunity to have a very tidy cable management inside their cases.

    We decided early on to have our CoolForce Cable Clips manufactured from high-grade aluminum instead of plastics. This ensures that the clips not only are very handy, they also meet our requirement that they should offer visual and stylistic value.

    The clips consist of two parts. Four Allen-Screws are included to connect the two parts. The installation of the cable clips is a breeze. Users can fix the cable clips inside their case using either M3 screws or adhesive tape (both not included).

    This clip is suited for cables with four single sleeved strands, for example a P4- or a 4-Pin Molex extension.

    Material: Aluminium
    Code: 4260285294105
    Manufaturer Number: NXCC600-4
    Order Number: 900500400