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    PETG Starter Pack - UV Blood Red

    Under the label "CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia“ we present selected components for demanding water cooling and modding enthusiasts.

    This PETG starter pack includes a set of PETG Hard Tubes, a rubber core and all the fittings to build a nice loop to cool a CPU and a VGA inside one of our cases.

    From the bread&butter Hard Tube adaptor to a set of angled connectors, including one of our 5-way cubes and a lot of stopper plugs. A one-stop pack to start your first loop.

    The CoolForce PETG Starter Pack consists of the following products:
    1 x PETG Hard Tube 12/10 mm
    1 x Rubber Core for Hard Tubes
    16 x Hard Tube Adaptor G1/4 male to 12 mm Ø
    8 x 90° Hard Tube Adaptor - 2 x 12 mm Ø
    8 x Stopper Fitting G1/4 male
    2 x Pass Through Adaptor 2 x G 1/4 female
    2 x 90° Rotary Threaded Adaptor G1/4
    2 x Rotary Threaded Adaptor - 2 x G1/4 male
    1 x Cube Threaded Adaptor - 5 x G1/4 female
    1 x CF No.1 UV Blood Red
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