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    PETG Starter Pack S - 16/13 - UV Clear

    Under the label "CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia“ we present selected components for demanding water cooling and modding enthusiasts.

    Our PETG Starter Pack S – 16/13 includes a package of 16/13 mm PETG Hard Tubes, the corresponding rubber core, and a small selection of fittings. A carefree package for fans of water cooling who would like to create a clean circuit of CPU and GPU cooler, reservoir, and radiator.

    Included are a total of six of our standard Nanoxia Hard Tube adaptors for 16/13 mm Hard Tubes, two rotary 90° adaptors for the VGA card, two 90° Hard Tube adaptors, as well as two stopper plugs. Also included is a package of four 16/13 mm Hard Tubes and the rubber core for them. Rounding off the set is a 1l bottle of our CoolForce No.1 UV Clear Cooling Fluid.

    Our CoolForce fittings are of the highest grade and offer outstanding quality. Sealing rings ensure that the fittings are permanently sealed. Using our fittings makes it very easy to lay out the tubes in your system.

    The use of high-quality PETG gives our Hard Tubes a unique firmness, making them almost impossible to break. By employing a heat source, for example a heat gun, the tubes can be bent easily. We recommend using the CoolForce Rubber Core, which gives the Tubes the necessary stability in order to ensure a safe and accident-free bending.

    Our CoolForce CF No.1 additives improve the performance and appearance of your water cooling and will protect your system in the future. You don’t need any additional additives. This product has been tested in leading water cooling solutions. The fluids are non-conductive, with corrosion protection added, and they prevent algae growth in your cooling system.

    With our Starter Packs, we offer the perfect set for a long-lasting and attractive water cooling circuit.

    The CoolForce PETG Starter Pack S - 16/13 consists of the following products:
    1 x PETG Hard Tube 16/13 mm - 4 x 50 cm
    1 x Rubber Core for Hard Tubes
    6 x Hard Tube Adaptor G1/4 male to 16 mm Ø
    2 x 90° Hard Tube Adaptor - 2 x 16 mm Ø
    2 x Stopper Fitting G1/4 male
    2 x 90° Rotary Threaded Adaptor G1/4
    1 x CF No.1 UV Cear
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