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    Special N.N.V. Fan 120 - 1200

    Launching now: The Nanoxia SPECIAL N.N.V. 1200.
    Equipped with a 3-pin Molex connection for speed control. The fan rotates at just 1,200 rpm and is wonderfully quiet in operation. At full speed it produces just 17.7 dB (A) *. The fan achieves a maximum static air pressure of 0.91 mm-H 2 O, or an air throughput of 75.9 m 3 / h.

    Welcome to the "fan" club of a real revolution - with an amazing story: for some time already the much smaller ancestors of this airy sensation turned their rounds in seat heatings, until Nanoxia recognizes their special talent, takes them from the street and now as a SPECIAL N.N.V. Fan series directly in the PC area. With a newly optimized principle and a corresponding chassis, this exceptionally cool special unit, under the name of German Silent Force, is now launching its innovative service.

    Thanks to the patented technology, Nanoxia offers the first vibration-free PC fan in the world. And this works as follows: Made of two mutually decoupled frames, the outer fan frame provides mounting points for the fan in the case or on a CPU cooler - while the inner fan frame (decoupled with four plastic dampers from the fan frame) contains the rotor and the fan motor.

    Also part of it is already proven FDB-bearing, which is very robust and long-lasting. Special feature: extremely low mechanical wear. This keeps the fan continuously quiet throughout its lifetime.

    Runs, runs and runs ... typical of the SPECIAL N.N.V. Series. Rotor and fan blades are optimally balanced. In conjunction with the wear-resistant Fluid Dynamic Bearing, the fan guarantees a particularly long service life.

    Perfect control including: The motor of the fan receives its PWM signal via a 4-pin connection on the mainboard. The fan electronics evaluate the signal and regulate the motor power permanently and automatically. The PWM control of the Special N.N.V. Fans astonished with a very linear control range, so that speed changes are hardly perceptible.

    The SPECIAL N.N.V. 1200 is the perfect fan if you want to ensure equally quiet and effective ventilation.

    * The sound pressure was measured according to CNS 8753 from a distance of 1 meter at 12 volts in a low-reflection room.

    Model: Special N.N.V. Fan 120 - 1.200
    EAN: 4260285290411
    Manufacturer Number: NXNNV120-M
    Order Number: 200300441
    Size: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    Rotation Speed: 1,200 rpm
    Voltage Range: 7 - 13.2 V
    Rated Current:  0.05 A
    Rated Power: 0.66 W
    Airflow: 44.7 CFM
    Acoustical Noise: 17.7 dB(A)
    Static Pressure: 0.91 mm-H²O
    Durability: 50,000
    Bearing: Fluid Dynamic
    Connector: 3-Pin