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    Special N.N.V. Fan 120 - 2000


    From the car to the PC:

    The Nanoxia SPECIAL N.N.V. 2000. Equipped with a 3-pin Molex connection for speed control. The fan rotates at 2,000 rpm and is therefore the most powerful fan in the series. At full speed it generates just under 29.0 dB (A) *. The fan achieves a maximum static air pressure of 1.38 mm-H²O, or an air flow of a remarkable 124.0 m³/h.

    Welcome to the “fan” club of a real revolution! Let us tell you a story: Once upon a time there was a company who developed vibration absorbing fans to be used for heating car seats. So for a long time, these small fans were locked in car seats, suffering in silence, until one day we realised their potential and freed them from their hot and dark environment. Upon being set free, they were able to grow and become stronger. They now fulfil their destiny as Special N.N.V. fans in your PC! We’ve upgraded the fan chassis and the technology and put our ultra-cool task force named “German Silent Force” into service!

    Thanks to the patented technology, we are offering the first virtually vibration-free PC fan in the world. And this is how it works: We are using the two decoupled fan frames. The outer frame offers mounting points to install the fan inside a PC or on a CPU-cooler. The inner frame, which is decoupled from the outer ring by four rubber dampeners, holds the fan motor and the rotor.

    Another special feature is the proven fluid dynamic bearing, which is both robust and durable. Due to this special bearing the fan has a non-existent mechanical wear, resulting in a fan that will stay silent during its lifetime.

    And it just keeps running… an additional fantastic feature of the Special N.N.V. series are the perfectly balanced rotor and fan blades. Combined with the wear-resistant fluid dynamic bearing it guarantees the fan a very long life expectancy.

    Perfect control including: This fan comes with a 3-pin Molex connector, allowing you to connect it to a fan control or your motherboard. You can monitor the fan speed, using special software or your motherboard, and always keep an eye on things.

    The SPECIAL N.N.V. 2000 is the ideal fan for water cooling enthusiasts, as it is perfect for any radiator.

    * The sound pressure was measured according to CNS 8753 from a distance of 1 meter at 12 volts in a low-reflection room.

    Model: Special N.N.V. Fan 120 - 2000
    EAN: 4260285290428
    Manufacturer Number: NXNNV120-H
    Order Number: 200300442
    Size: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
    Rotation Speed: 2,000 rpm
    Voltage Range: 7 - 13.2 V
    Rated Current: 0.17 A
    Rated Power: 2.04 W
    Airflow: 73.0 CFM
    Acoustical Noise: 29.0 dB(A)
    Static Pressure: 2.22 mm-H²O
    Durability: 50,000
    Bearing: Fluid Dynamic
    Connector: 3-Pin