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    RGB Controller

    As an optional accessory for our RGB Rigid LED, we offer this practical controller with remote control.

    If you want to brighten up your case (or even your living room) with a RGB LED from Nanoxia, you can connect it via a mainboard with a corresponding RGB header – or you can use our controller

    Included in the delivery are the controller itself, as well as a handy infrared remote control, to choose between different colors and lighting modes.

    The controller is connected to the RGB Rigid LED cable. There are two cables, each 45 cm long, on the controller. One cable ends in an S-ATA power connector to connect the controller to the power supply of a PC. The second cable has the infrared receiver, which can receive the signals from the remote control.

    The length of the cables ensures that controllers and IR receivers can be placed in favorable locations in the case, to ensure that the signal reaches the RGB Rigid LED.

    Model: RGB Controller
    EAN: 4260285296499
    Manufacturer Number: NXRGBC
    Order Number: 600400999
    Rated voltage:: 12 V
    Max. output: 3 x 2 A
    Cable lenght: 2 x 45 cm
    Connector I: 4-Pin RGB Male
    Connector II: S-ATA Power
    Receiver: Infrared